Thursday, September 11, 2014

Choosing our suitable mountain equipment sleeping bag (part 2)

Synthetic Vs Down

The mountain equipment, sleeping luggage can either be stuffed with man made artificial insulation, principally made of poly-fibers, or natural down, the fine underneath feathers from ducks or geese.

Synthetic insulation is that the most typical form of insulation utilized in sleeping luggage. An artificial bag are cheaper, easier to wash and can perform higher once wet than a down bag. But artificial insulation does\'t retain heat like natural down and is bulkier and heavier thus not ideal once area and weight square measure vital concerns.

The loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of little air pockets which suggests that down sleeping luggage square measure simpler at trappings heat air and holding heat. they\'re conjointly abundant lighter than artificial luggage and compress to a smaller size once packed. The warmth-to-weight magnitude relation of a down bag can\'t be overwhelmed by an artificial bag.

In a down bag the filling is split into compartments that aids even distribution of the filling and helps the bag retain its form.

The disadvantage of down is that it simply absorbs wetness once damp and once it gets wet the feather lose their softness and therefore the heat insulating properties square measure lost. Down sleeping luggage conjointly take for much longer to dry out than artificial luggage. For these reasons down sleeping luggage square measure well matched to cold however dry conditions.

The distinctive properties of down suggests that further care must be taken once laundry. Scrutinize our way to Wash a Down Jacket guide for info on laundry down.

Down Insulation

Synthetic Insulation

Shapes, Sizes and Weights

A basic bag is rectangular in form with a zipper around 2 sides. These square measure roomier than mummy sleeping luggage and might be totally opened and used as a blanket. Rectangular sleeping luggage square measure less effective at holding heat than mummy luggage and square measure most suited to indoor use, vacationing and summer encampment. they\'re not appropriate for a lot of extreme conditions wherever you expect temperatures to be low.

Rectangular sleeping luggage square measure offered in single and double sizes. Double rectangular sleeping luggage square measure ideal for adults, wherever combined body heat can produce further heat, and sleeping babies along.

A mummy bag tapers towards the feet and is thus a lot of fitted than a daily rectangular bag up heat retention. The hood of a mummy bag conjointly helps confine the heat. A mummy bag conjointly weighs but an oblong bag.

Most mummy luggage are single however it\'s potential to shop for left and right handed  luggage that may be zipped along to make a double bag. Our Microcline and Summit sleeping luggage square measure smart samples of this.

The packed size and weight of the bag ought to even be taken into thought. This is often particularly vital if you propose to suit your bag into a backpack or are carrying the bag long distances when camping or when have a nice trip in mountain.